•Modern Art 01 is a lecture series provided to the public for free via YouTube and taught by Dr. Parme Giuntini

•This lecture is included because it is full of images and gives a clear description of Modern Art and the movement’s place in the world 

•Otis College of Art and Design is a Los Angeles school with an arts-based curriculum

•MOMA Multimedia is a project of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

•This podcast is from the Teen Podcast playlist, which is also known as MOMA Teen Audio.

•MOMA Teen Audio is a series of podcasts  created, written, and recorded by high school students from New York City
•The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History presents the museums collection “via a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of global art history”

•It was developed for educators by the museum and a team of conservators, scientists and educators

•Includes a slideshow of works and suggested further readings at the bottom of the page

•This article explains clearly and succinctly the Fauvism movement and provides images of artwork 

•The Smarthistory website was originally created in 2005 by two art history professors to give students a richer, more interactive experience with art history

•In 2011, Smarthistory joined Khan Academy, the leading provider of free world-class educational information

•Available for both Apple and Android devices


Features 50 tours, each with 6-10 art works.

•Includes background on the style of art and thumbnails of works with explanations of the works’ relevance to the style 

    Electronic resources

    The resources can be found through the hyperlinks in the text or on the Bibliography page (found in the left sidebar).  

    All resources listed here are free. 


    December 2013